Krsna anxiety

Devotee (2): When we are distributing books, Srila Prabhupada, and we are not doing so good and we are in anxiety, that is also spiritual?

Prabhupada: For selling books, anxiety is Krsna anxiety. If you become very anxious how to sell more books, that is Krsna anxiety. That is not trade anxiety; that is Krsna anxiety.

Guru-krpa: So some people say that “When I go on sankirtana to sell books I become in too much anxiety if I’m not doing well, so I’d rather not do it.”

Prabhupada: No, that is Krsna anxiety. He does not know. Let him know that that is Krsna anxiety. Yasoda, Mother Yasoda, became mother of Krsna so that she would always remain in anxiety for Krsna, whether Krsna is safe. That is mother’s anxiety.

Therefore she became mother. How to become in Krsna anxiety? This philosophy nobody knows. Everyone takes Krsna as the father. Father means I’m anxiety-less: “Father, you supply my wants.” And to become father of Krsna means to purchase anxiety for Krsna. This philosophy they do not know.”

[April 26, 1976 Melbourne]

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