Selling the books

Carol Jarvis: If you want your thoughts to be passed on to other people, why do you sell the books and make money out of them?
Prabhupada: Otherwise you’ll not read it. If I give you free, then you’ll think, “Ah, this is something nonsense. They are giving free.”
Carol Jarvis: Not necessarily give them free, but perhaps sell them for a price that pays for the cost of producing them.
Prabhupada: …we have to print these books, so who will pay for that? We have no money.
Carol Jarvis: Well, what happens to the rest of the money, though, that is collected in the streets?
Prabhupada: We are increasing our movement. We are opening centers. We are printing more books. This is my books. I have made a Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. That is my will, and I have given my will that fifty percent of the collection should be spent for reprinting the books and fifty percent should be spent for spreading the movement. So there is no question of material profit.”

[Srila Prabhupada’s darsana of April 20, 1976 in Melbourne]

Donating to the book distributor also gives the person an extra impetus to read the book.

Hari-sauri: He’s asking how does our sankirtana activities relate to God consciousness, the selling of books and collecting of donations.
Prabhupada: So if I sell a book to you, you read because you have paid for. Then you’ll get benefit.
[July 14, 1976 New York]

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